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Al Dana Private Nursery in Sharjah

Through the years, Al Dana Private Nursery has built private nursery schools across the country, with an aim to create and foster safe, interactive, and child-oriented learning environments for children of all ages in the UAE.

Today, we have 25 private nurseries spread across UAE, which has allowed us to establish a strong presence in all Emirates, and follow through our vision and objective to provide high-quality, integrated early education and childcare.

If you are looking for the best nursery in Sharjah, Al Dana has founded four private nurseries in Sharjah that are fully-equipped and ready to provide excellent care and attention for your child.

Al Dana nurseries follow U.S. educational standards

All of our nurseries adhere to a U.S.-based curriculum, ensuring we follow the best international practices on education and early child care and development. Our faculty members are all fluent, native speakers of the English language. With their guidance and care, children are given the best opportunity to develop good English speaking, writing, reading, and comprehension skills.

An integral part of our curriculum is to nurture the Arabic identity and Islamic roots of children. As such, we have activities dedicated to memorizing the Holy Quran, Hadith, and prayers, so children can strengthen their faith and learn the ways and principles of the Arab culture.

Parents who wish to be kept updated on their child’s progress and performance while at school can monitor their child real-time through our web interface or mobile app.

We aim to ensure the comfort and well-being of each child, which is why each Al Dana nursery is equipped with modern classrooms, meal rooms, sleeping quarters, and childproofed play areas. Each nursery also has a clinic managed by a qualified professional nurse, who can provide parents and guardians with daily reports of their child’s health and nutritional condition.

Connect with a Sharjah nursery near your family home

For families living in Sharjah that are looking for a secure day care facility, we have four nurseries located in Al Azra, Kalba, Khor Fakkan, and Al Nasseriya. To know more about our nursery schools or to learn about the admission process, please get in touch with our Sharjah nurseries through their respective contact details:

  • Al Azra – 0563384529
  • Kalba – 0555657781
  • Khor Fakkan – 0564501189
  • Al Nasseriya – 0563384526