The Curriculum is based on the American system of education. All major textbooks and most instructional materials are purchased from US.

We focus on the English language to be used and taught as mother tongue by qualified native teachers.

The Arabic language taught by qualified teachers as well as.

Days of Islamic child are one of our programs that urge on not losing of our Islamic identity.

The curriculum will be included math & science in English language.

Activities [sport - computer - library - fields trips - handicraft etc... will be available.

Why Al Dana

Using the educational units that give the child a chance to learn without getting bored and allow him/her to gain a lot of knowledge.

Having a lot of different activities which make the child loves learning [sands play, cut and paste, play-dough, swimming, sport, fields' trip, puppet show, story reading etc..

Easy communication between parents and school by daily reports explaining all the materials taught and events done.

Monthly reporting to the parents informing them the plan for all subjects and activities.

Following up with your child by our web site [live in class]. Qualified staff [patient, experienced with all the new methods to teach this particular age].

Discover talent and creativity in your child and set special programs to care about their talents and creativity.

Identify the special needs children by diagnosis tests and treat them by specialists.

Emphasis on the principles of our Islamic faith through the memorization of the holy Quran, Hadith and prayers within a specific timetable and by specialists in memorization of the Holy Quran.