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Al Dana Private Nursery Schools in Ajman

Al Dana Private Nursery has established a nursery in Ajman in line with our goals to make it easy for parents and children to have access to high quality early years education.

For parents looking for an Ajman nursery where young children can have the opportunity to learn from an American based curriculum and hone their English communication skills, our nursery school is the ideal stepping stone for your child.

Why Al Dana’s Ajman private nursery school?

Like with the rest of our nurseries in the country, we have built a nursery school in Al Dana, Ajman that fosters a safe environment so children can freely explore their talents and enjoy holistic growth and development.

We seek to instill and nurture the values of the local Arab culture in each student, as well as emphasize the unique principles of Islamic faith through memorizing the Holy Quran and Hadith, and through daily prayers.

We have a professional team of highly qualified and trained educators who speak native English fluently. Along with their guidance and the U.S. educational standards we follow, your child will have an excellent grasp of the English language, whether it’s verbal communication, written text, or reading comprehension.

Our schools are complete with modern facilities, including a live classroom set-up that allows parents to monitor their child’s progress real time, with the help of a mobile application or web interface. We also have dedicated play areas and clinics with staff on hand.

Choose the best nursery in Ajman for your child

With a growing number of nurseries in the UAE, we continue to carry our mission to create the best possible environment for each child to grow not just in academics, but also in emotional intelligence and sensitivity to social and cultural differences.

If you need more information, please feel free to get in touch with our Ajman office directly at 0567034300. Inquiries may be sent to us via our online Contact Us form, and parents/guardians can begin the Admissions process by registering here.