About Us

About Us

About Us

We have established many branches of Al Dana Nursery in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and we will continue founding its branches to be widespread all over our beloved country. Al Dana is equipped with safe, educational and meaningful environment appropriate for kindergarten age children and provided with latest educational games and toys.

Discover talent and creativity in your child and set special programs to care about their talents and creativity. Emphasis on the principles of our Islamic faith through the memorization of the holy Quran, Hadith and prayers within a specific timetable and by specialists in memorization of the Holy Quran.Days of Islamic child are one of our programs that urge on not losing of our Islamic identity.

More About Us

Al Dana Private Nurseries have become largest chain all over United Arab Emirates where it became 25 branches spread all over the UAE , on this day I want to say that I have achieved an ambitious which I set before five years ago.

Where I am now led by everything new and All that helps us in maintaining the most precious , whereas Al Dana Private Nurseries sponsor nearly 2,000 children who are in nearly future will be the leaders of the nations, I am Hoping that Allah will help me to maintain and help them with all their needs to prepare them for the bright future.

- Sultan Al Hosani

Refine the child’s personality and develop his/her practice, scientific skills and talents.

Give an opportunity for the child to express  himself/herself and to identify everything around.

Amendment and maintain the behavior of the child in line with our Arab and Islamic  Identity through modern educational foundations.

Satisfy the child’s needs of playing and discharging energy through educational activities targeted entertainment.

Provide U.S standards which enables he child to be more familiar with the English language.

Establish the Arab culture and the pace of stabilization in our children by using studied enjoyable methods.

Emphasis on the principles of our Islamic faith through the memorization of the holy Quran, Hadith and prayers.

Providing safe and education environment by well trained staff to our children to prepare them to school life by providing a high quality, integrated early education experiences and child care to parents in the UAE according to the international standards.

The facilities at Al Dana Nursery are designed for children for all stages according to Ministry of Social Affairs and dealing with their needs to enhance and stimulate their needs. We provide:

• Classrooms
We provide classrooms which are quipped with all facilities and learning aids with high technological standards to provide and help children to learn in modern teaching approaches.
The size of the classrooms is suitable with the number of children in each room.

• Discovery/Play Area
We provide safe, secure and appropriate outdoor discovery/ play areas that provide a range of opportunities for the social, physical and emotional development of children with security and safety standards. it contains Sleeping rooms & meal rooms.

• Clinic
We provide clinic in all branches with nurses to take care of children heath during the nursery day and write reports about each child in his /her health file.

Al Dana Nursery promises to offer what is best of the American education in order to achieve its mission.