Al Dana Nurseries

We have established many branches of Al Dana Nursery in the emirate of Abu Dhabi and we will continue founding its branches to be widespread all over our beloved country.

Al Dana is equipped with safe, educational and meaningful environment appropriate for kindergarten age children and provided with latest educational games and toys.

To control the quilt of Al Dana Private Nurseries ,they managed by American Companies Management Group .

We provide U.S standards which enables the children to be more familiar with the English language, simultaneously we emphasis on the principles of our Islamic faith through the memorization of the holy Quran, Hadith and prayers.

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Our Services

Big Goal

Amendment and maintain the behavior of the child in line with our Arab and Islamic identity through modern educational foundations.

Great Facilities

Classrooms are equipped with high technological standards to provide and help children to learn in modern teaching approaches.

Emergency Care

Clinics in all branches with nurses to take care of children health during the nursery day and write reports about each child in his /her health file.


Al Dana nutrition program is carefully planned to provide all of the essential daily nutrients required to maintain a good health.

Caring For Children is not just Part of what we Do. Its’s all we Do.

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